Start Generating (FREE) Buyer Leads and Automate the Conversion Process that turns Contacts into Leads and Leads into Funded Loans Even with ZERO Tech Skill Necessary 
Start Generating (FREE) Buyer Leads and Automate the Conversion Process that turns Contacts into Leads and Leads into Funded Loans Even with ZERO Tech Skill Necessary 
Welcome to - LO Launch "BETA"
Free Buyers & Conversion System 
Get the exact Step by Step System Used to 
Generate Free Leads and Convert to Loans!
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  • Dozens of Step by Step Videos to Help Start Generating Free Buyer Leads Today ($1,497)
  • The Lighthouse Method Referral Partners Growth Plan ($497 Value)
  • Prebuilt Plug and Play Long Form Buyer Appointment Bots ($197 Value) 
  • Prebuilt Plug and Play Landing Pages ($197 Value)
  • The Quick Start Basics to Start Your Social Selling ($197 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to The Exclusive Student Group ($1,997)
  •  The Exact Blueprint to Start Generating Leads on Demand  
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As we Grow, YOU, the founding members, will be the first to get access new strategies. As your skill level progresses, you will have the opportunity to continually challenge yourself and Grow Together as a Group.
This Price is Limited to
Founding Members
It's time for me to share my skills and everything I know.

This means absolute total freedom and can name your own hours, work anywhere you want, and have the opportunity to start calling the shots.

In this intense program, you are going to learn the exact methods, systems, and techniques that you can use to add multiple more deals to your pipeline each and every month and a system to do it on autopilot.

You can literally turn on the faucet and have new Opportunities Flow in OVERNIGHT!

I'll hold your hand throughout the process from Setting Up Your First Lead Machine
to the Closing Table and Beyond.

✅You want more leads for FREE? DONE

✅You want an automated system to get new
      business while you sleep? DONE

✅You want an easy way to have referral partners
      begging to work with you? DONE

✅You want a Prebuilt Plug and Play System to Get
      Long Form Buyer Appointments? DONE


Not to mention, an extremely exclusive community of Mortgage Pros Growing Together. 👊
Mortgage Pros that will answer your questions around the clock!

You'll even get access to 1:1 time and coaching calls.

All these Done For You Agencies are Great if you have
Thousands of Dollars but what but what if you don't…

Or what about the overly complicated systems that still requires
you to pitch referral partners on some system that's going to cost them tons of Money…

or even worse outdated methods of begging referral partners to work with you
(remember that time when you called that girl in high school 15 times... didn't work out so well did it)

There is a better way...

This BETA program is not for people who want something for "FREE".

This program is for CRAZY-ASS GET IT DONE NOW

or people who are not willing to take responsibility for their life and business.

In 4 weeks your life and business will never be the same.

If you are seeing this there is room for at least 1 more founding member 
that wants to take their business to the top.

If you think you may be fit for this program:

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See you at the Top!

Luke Darling
This Price is Limited to
Founding Members

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Do the Work and get Results  

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